Reporting and statistics

Our simple reports make it easy for you to check out the numbers that matter. See who opened your email, who clicked a link and so much more. Our reports are updated in real time so you always know the latest.

Simple campaign snapshots

All the important stats like how many recipients opened, how many clicked a link and how many unsubscribed are all viewable from our simple campaign snapshot. We've designed our reports so even those new to email marketing can evaluate the results of their campaigns.

Track who opened your HTML email

Who are my most interested subscribers?

Our opens over time report makes it so easy for your clients to see who opened their email and when. You can even check out how many times each recipient opened it to find out who their most interested subscribers are. You can even drill down to a minute by minute account of who checked out their email.

View graphs showing who opened the email and when

Who clicked a link?

Our link activity report makes it easy to see which links in your clients email were most popular, as well as which recipients clicked them. This makes it so easy for you to identify what their recipients are interested in, as well as the opportunity to follow up on more qualified leads.

See who clicked on which link

Right down to the nitty gritty

Our recipient activity report lets you get down to some serious detail on your campaign. Easily see who opened, who clicked, who bounced and who unsubscribed. You can even search for a specific subscriber to see exactly what they did with the email.

see who opened, who clicked, who bounced and who unsubscribed

An arselal of reporting tools

Google Analytics

Automatic Google Analytics link tagging to easily track your sales and conversions.

Forward to a friend

Track viral activity by seeing exactly which subscribers forward on to a friend.

Compare Campaigns

Spot trends by comparing opens, clicks and more for multiple campaigns at once.

Link Clicks

Learn what subscribers are interested in by which links were popular, who clicked.


See who bounced and why, and we'll figure out if we should try again or remove.


We make sure you don't accidentally try and send to them again in the future.

Spam Complaints

Integration with Yahoo!, Hotmail and more mean we can report on complaints.

Access with our API

Sync and display campaign reports in your own apps using our our API.

Client Report Access

Let your clients access the reports on any campaigns you send for them.

Export to Excel

Export all reporting data to Excel for offline storage or further analysis.

Activity Timeline

See your complete history with every subscriber in a handy timeline.

Top-notch delivery

Authentication, relationships with ISPs and more ensure your emails are delivered.